Tilak Healthcare announced a € 10M financing round 


Tilak just announced a € 10M financing round to fuel the roll-out of its digital therapeutic solution designed for the remote monitoring of patients suffering chronic eye conditions 👁️

We are beyond excited to support you for what’s next and help Tilak Healthcare in becoming a world leader in ophthalmology.

Today, their app OdySight is helping monitor patients affected by chronic eye diseases related to ageing (Wet AMD, diabetic retinopathy…), which are at risk of going blind if they remain untreated or if they are not treated in a timely manner. OdySight is a critical piece of the puzzle when looking at the patient journey : it helps patients and doctors detect decreases in visual acuity more accurately than any traditional tool (even those that could go unnoticed), thus identifying the best time for the treatments to be made. 🏥🏠

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